International Master in Mediterranean Studies, IMS

Mediterranean Studies offer a hands-on experience in culture tourism and unique interdisciplinary approach to theory and practice of cultural diversity in modern-day Europe.

The programme welcomes all students willing to extend their knowledge about cultural identity of contemporary Europe and its heritage rooted in ancient Greco-Roman tradition.

A better understanding of Europe will help students extend their acquired skills to multiple culture-related fields, such as media, tourism, international relations, and improve their employment prospects.

By combining philology with culture tourism, Mediterranean Studies is committed to broadening students’ intellectual horizons through an active engagement with literature, theatre, philosophy, rhetoric, classical education based on Paideia and its modern counterparts, ancient tradition, reception of Greco-Roman culture from Middle Ages to modern times.

The curriculum is based on core modules and optional courses providing flexible and personalized learning experience. Part of the program includes optional trips abroad. A graduate of the Mediterranean Studies will be ready to undertake research and enter PhD studies in the field of culture science, classical philology or other adequate humanistic areas.