Grażyna Gajewska, Eroticism of More- and Other-than-Human Bodies

Palgrave Macmillan, Cham 2020

Z opisu wydawcy:

Focusing on non-human actors, Grażyna Gajewska expands the discussion of eroticism in contemporary culture by bringing in material culture, object studies, and “the anthropology of things.” She sets out from the assumption that things (such as, for instance, attire, underwear, shoes, or jewelry) play an important role in arousing erotic imagination—they are genuine participants in the process, not mere signifiers of eroticism. Their use does not denote only undeniable facts of everyday life associated with functionality, the pragmatic or aesthetic aspect, but also contribute to the shaping of human emotions, fantasies and phantasms. In her study, Gajewska brings eroticism in contemporary culture to light through applying gender studies to new contexts—animals, robots, virtual worlds—even as she explores a new methodology, the anthropology of things.