Polen und Deutsche im Angesicht revolutionärer Umwälzungen

Wydawnictwo Peter Lang 2023

red. Maciej Junkiert, Krzysztof Trybuś, Michael Düring, Rebekka Wilpert

The European March Revolution of 1848 was a cross-border uprising that primarily pursued political and national purposes. This article also wants to show his female perspective and aims to present the March Revolution as an uprising of women, whereby it is fundamentally focused on the activities of German (also Austrian) and Polish women. A detailed analysis of the sources makes it clear that the participation of women in the 1848 revolution was not only a fact, but also proves that their activity is characterized by diversity of forms. The article refers to four types of revolutionaries: saloon ladies, Samarytans and nurses, Revolution Valkyries and armed Amazons, and emancipated women who joined the uprising to fight for women’s rights. It is emphasized that the courageous and self-sacrificing activities of the rebellious women met with great criticism, which, however, was not able to demotivate the women themselves.